5 easy steps to completing a WeMeReC distance-learning module…

Step 1: Case Study
Complete the case study on the selected topic. The case will be available for completion for four to six weeks.

Step 2: Bulletin
After the case study closes, a bulletin on the topic will be published online on our website, and in printed format. WeMeReC bulletins are sources of succinct, evaluated therapeutic and prescribing information in a 4-6 page format. Before publication, each bulletin is reviewed by a panel of healthcare professionals from across Wales.

Step 3: Response Report
Responses to the case study are analysed (anonymity is retained) and you will be able to access and print a report on the responses that contains feedback and specialist comment. You will also have access to a printable version of your own responses to the case study. This provides you with an opportunity for you to assess your clinical practice, to compare yourself with your peers, and to reflect on the outcomes.

Step 4: Questionnaire
At the same time that the response report is available, a multiple-choice questionnaire, the final part of the module, will also be available for online completion. The questions relate to information discussed in the bulletin. The correct answers will be displayed after a response to each question has been submitted.

Step 5: Certificate of Completion
After you have completed the module you will be able to download and print your personalised certificate of completion. This can be included in your CPD portfolio together with the other elements of the module.